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Vidit and Isak aim to elevate healthcare in Mexico

Photos by @verneenorman 

Resident Studio members Vidit and Isak are leading Elevar Salud, a start-up company in Mexico on a mission to simplify what it means to go to the doctor.

Living in 6 different countries with unique healthcare systems while growing up, the Elevar team realized that quality medical care must be both affordable and easy to access to be effective. This is how the idea of seeing a doctor without actually having to go to the doctor was born.

Through their service, users can chat with a doctor for free, schedule a remote live doctor consultation, book medical lab tests as well as receive a prescription.

Even though building a company in Mexico presents unique challenges for the 2 foreigners, they believe that the mission is important and the future of healthcare innovation is bright. While on this journey they have fallen in love with Mexico and the cultural similarities that remind them of their childhood homes!

What is HAAB to the Elevar Salud team?

A melting pot of ideas with space to collaborate and build with passion and creativity.

Photos by @verneenorman 

Launching in January 2023