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“My service is to help people with disabilities" — Ashton Stoop

Ashton Stoop was a curious kid that grew up in the lush woods just outside of Toronto, Canada. At the age of six, he used to steal tools from his dad to build things, including the one time when he set the driveway on fire with gasoline as he was attempting to create an art piece.

His curiosity for life led him to a life as a mechanical/biomedical designer and engineer. He spent the past 7 years working with clinicians and patients to develop advanced prostheses, orthoses, and exoskeletons to help people with mobility impairments.

“My service is to help people with disabilities, it took me some time to accept it but now I am ready to fully commit.” — Ashton Stoop

Here in Mexico Ashton is embracing the multidisciplinary culture and is this year founding his company Adapt Labs which looks to bring accessible and affordable prosthetic legs to people all over Mexico and the world. He is also building an art exhibition and is working as a model and actor. Ashton likes to add constraints to his projects as it not only adds a challenge but also because you need rules to make a game. Rules to play.

“HAAB is so much that I almost have to hold some back when expressing what it means to me. I only had enough money to survive for 1-2 months when I came to Mexico and I had no job, yet I still decided to get a HAAB membership because I felt that it would provide more value and set me on a path I wanted to be on. At HAAB I found community, friends, and family as well as the version of myself I wanted to become through work, inspiration, artists, and designers. Through the events and the community that would bring something every day. I learned that community makes me stronger.

I used to be more of a lone wolf but here people are willing and open to working together, which has been so much fun. I would rather go through this journey together with others.”

All photos by Vernée Norman


Adapt Labs

Adapt Labs is a company leveraging 3D scanning and printing technologies to produce affordable and personalized prosthetic legs and arms for people in Mexico and worldwide. The ultimate goal is to make it possible for anyone in the world who needs a replacement limb to have access, while also injecting colour and personality into a product that someone will use and wear so intimately every day. We are currently looking for talented people to collaborate with. Please reach out if you are interested!

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