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Podcast Room User Manual

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Turn on Computer Equipment

Make sure the microphones are connected via the USB cable


Open VoiceMeeter application (docked in start menu)


Validate the following configuration

1 Microphone (2-Shure)

2 Microphone (3-Shure)

Virtual Input (default)

Hardware Out A1 Headphones (2-Shure)

Hardware Out A2 (default)


Open Audacity Application (docked in start menu)


Validate that it is configured as follows



VoiceMeeter Output (VB-Audio Vo)

1 recording channel (mono)

VoiceMeeter Input (VB-Audio Vo)


Adjust Microphone in front of the speaker's face


Select Record option


To end the recording, click on the stop button


When you finished, go to File, export and select the format.

Recommended WAV format


Name the file and click save


If you have any questions, you can raise a ticket through Passport by Nexudus or call to 1000 from the phone in the room and we will gladly support you.

Later you can download your file to a USB device or make a transfer through Wetransfer (

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