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Perfect Your Pitch

This is a four-week program for early stage entrepreneurs and it is for you if: 


  • You need support on your business idea 

  • You are rethinking your core strategic business 

  • You want to create a winning pitch

  • You want to connect with potential investors

The program consists of four sessions, each designed to help you refine and perfect your pitch, including:

1) Feedback: Present your pitch and we'll tell you why your business will fail. Harsh, we know, but the best way to ensure your business doesn't fail is to know why it can.

2) Rebuild your deck: We'll work together to improve your business strategy, fundamentals, and pitch.

3) Strengthen your voice: You'll learn and practice how to deliver your pitch using clear, confident communication.  

4) Pitch Day! You will present to investors with the goal of landing a 1:1 coffee with them.


Ready to take your pitching skills to the next level and land a 1:1 with an investor?

April 19, May 3, 10 and 17

$2,400 (members)
$5,000 (non-members)

HAAB Project, Amsterdam  255, Condesa

What stage are you at?
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