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A playground for creation, connection, and innovation

Our playground is here to support you in your process, no matter if that means that you need a silent space to focus on your deadline, a co-creation space to enjoy the energy of others, an inspiring meeting room for your team to kick off a project, or a space to meet new people.

 A playground for creation, connection, and innovation

HAAB, with our charming and creative spaces, is the perfect playground to host a diverse range of events. We curate collaborations that are created to support our members in their ideas as well as inspire our attending members. CTA: We also host private events. CTA: Discover some collaboration stories with other members.

Let us help you share your voice. Our team can support you in many ways, lets create together the perfect experience for your idea.

A Space to Connect

The Rooftop Terrace

Catch the enchanting light on our rooftop terrace and enjoy our music selection. The perfect space for a lunch, an afternoon cocktail and for new connections, this is our social area. Outdoor dining with a bar, overlooking the greenery of Condesa.

Our Co-creation Areas

Floor 2 thru 5

Are you working with an idea, or creating something innovative? Our co-creation spaces are perfect for you to tap into your focus. You will be surrounded by brilliant people that enable you to find the knowledge you might yet be missing.

Open to our neighbours

SPOT Community Working Café

Our Lobby is open to the public as a community café and we invite you to create, meet, and work over a cup of freshly brewed coffee. SPOT, our restaurant inspires you to rejoice yourself by eating real and simple food made with the focus on nourishing our bodies through seasonal produce and the support of conscious local suppliers.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

Enjoy your breakfast and have access to High Speed Wi Fi.

Book our Meeting Rooms for your next meeting or record your next Podcast, inquire in the Concierge Desk.