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Writer, Thinker & Investor

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HAAB Member since 2021

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Carlos is a writer and futurist. Since 2015, he has dedicated himself to studying the functioning of the human mind, and exponential technologies. His conclusions have been captured in the science fiction novel titled 2048 : Chronicles of an Exponential Future, where he constructs a narrative of the next three decades towards the absolute empowerment of humanity over matter, and the sublimation of the universal spirit in the face of absolute silence.

"I've seen the birth of HAAB. I've seen HAAB change and evolve. It is a brilliant example of a startup that engages the community, integrates it, and offers it something back. Authentic and brilliant people. Original and very promising project. I LOVE IT."

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His study of the future has allowed him to become an investor in disruptive technologies such as cryptocurrencies, applied psychedelics, and electric cars. He is currently working on his second book: CosmosLiberum, in which he addresses the problem of whose property is Celestial Bodies such as planets, and, whose should it be?

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