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 Entrepreneur / Biomechanics Researcher / Biomedical Engineer / Industrial Designer

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HAAB Member since 2021



I am a biomechanical/biomedical designer and engineer. I spent the past 7 years researching the biomechanics of human movement and designing assistive technology such as prostheses, robotic exoskeletons and braces to help people with mobility impairments move and play.

This year, I founded Adapt Labs, a company leveraging 3D scanning and printing technologies to produce affordable and personalized prosthetic legs and arms for people in Mexico and worldwide.

"When I first moved to Mexico, I only had enough money to survive for 2 months and no job. Still, I got a Haab membership because I felt it would give me opportunities to succeed professionally and socially. It was worth it."



I am always looking for bright people to collaborate with. To me, there is nothing better than building community and fostering connections through co-creation of all forms.


Currently, I am building the core team for my company Adapt. I am looking for talented and passionate people who feel a connection to this project and the problem we are trying to solve. It is important to me to build a good team, community and culture as this project starts to take off and grow. I am looking for co-founders, full-time and part-time hires, specifically with the following skillsets: Industrial designers, Mechanical engineers, Software developers who are familiar with 3D modeling, Business development and sales.

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