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Healthcare Technology

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San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

HAAB Member since 2022



Vidit and Isak met 5 years ago in New York while working in finance and immediately became close friends. In 2021, they co-founded Elevar Salud. Elevar is decentralizing access to healthcare across Mexico to provide great quality, affordable medical care to everyone while elevating doctor’s earnings and experience. 

"HAAB for us is a congregation of people who are crafting the future of urban culture in Mexico and beyond. We came to look for an office, we found art and inspiration to complement it. Back to office is back and cool. "

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We are always looking to engage with people who are curious to know more about our mission and find ways to collaborate. Coders, designers, healthcare professionals, marketers, out-of-the-box thinking partners… We are in the middle of our investor roadshow, any advice there would be graciously received. 

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