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HAAB Member since 2021



I've always been creative, in many fields with many medias. I'm a person who leads from my heart with a lot of passion. Creativity and music are my tools to tackle the challenges in my life, they are how I handle my emotions. I’ve experienced both dark and light in my life and through those experiences, I’ve learned how to have compassion, and how to live with less judgment, something that helps me relate to people on a deeper level, and I translate that on the dance floor to get people to dance.

"A beautiful project that connects people and creates collaborations. I love it because I judged it in my mind as a co-working space which is not enough, it is a collision of arts, people,  and spaces."



Collaborating is the best thing you can do. There's many different forms of collaboration. You also need to collaborate with yourself. I believe that in collaboration you will expand your mind, it will change your perspective, you will be forced to learn, you will be forced to push yourself to take it to the next level. 

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