Top talented individuals, creators and innovators; together we expand and grow as a community.

Kathryn Taylor
Kathryn Taylor

Mindset and Development Consultant

"HAAB is building a reputation as the place to be in Mexico City for both social and business endeavors, and provides a space for creatives and entrepreneurs to come together and inspire one another."

Dan Yvker

Business, art and mindfulness

Helen Keller said: "alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." HAAB is all about community, connexion, collaboration, co-creation. We need this now more than ever...I am because we are.

Luz Pro

Art and Human Development

Passionate about art and human development, Luz C. Pro  is an artist and entrepreneur who creates cultural platforms to connect multidisciplinary talent and create social impact Arte Pro . And luckily for us, one of our very first members.

Pau Malo
Carlos Alberto Ortiz de la Peña
Alejandro Glatt

Artist & Designer

In her resident studio on our creative floor, you can find magic maker Pau Malo channeling symbols and cosmic language from the stars into her creations. Her personal evolution started with fashion design and has developed into multidisciplinary expressions like ceremonial clothing, candles, set design, and art direction.

Writer, Thinker Investor

"I saw HAAB born. I saw HAAB change and evolve. It is a brilliant example of a startup that engages the community, integrates it, and offers it something back. Authentic and brilliant people. Original and very promising project. I LOVE IT."

Innovation and Holistic Wellbeing thru Fruit - 

"Every time I visit HAAB, I feel completely aligned.

Eclectic, multicultural and with non stop moving energy, as an artist HAAB has been an amazing platform to connect and expand my project. 

I’m so grateful to be part of the HAAB community and to have my art showcased in here.